Willkommen auf meinem Blog

Hallo zusammen,

You’ve found my blog page. As you likely know, I will be making my way over to Germany for a short-term work assignment with Bosch, and will be in Europe for the first half of 2017. During this time I will be taking every opportunity to travel and explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of European cultures. I felt it wold be invaluable to document and reflect on my experiences overseas. Others thought it would be nice to have means of keeping up with me, so here we are.

I’d like to take a quick chance to acknowledge just how fortunate I am to be travelling in the first place. If it weren’t for the support of my friends and family I certainly wouldn’t be able to make a trip like this happen. While I have a selfish reason for wanting to journal, I’d like to think that I am doing some due diligence by making an effort to be accessible and share my thoughts with you. If you care enough to read, all I ask is that you make sure we don’t fall out of touch while I am away.

Now that we’re past introductions, what have I been up to these last few days? I left my previous assignment in Michigan on December 20th, making my way back home to PA that evening. On the 21st, I flew to New York to spend a few days with Chelsea and her family. We were able to go to a New York Rangers hockey game (pictured above), I was introduced to the magic of Costco, and we had a chance to spend time with her friends and family. It was a relatively uneventful weekend trip, but I was glad for a relaxed pace after the typical headaches associated with finishing up a rotation and dealing with moving logistics.

I departed New York on Christmas Eve. Although it was difficult to say goodbye, it’s important that I made some time to spend the holiday with my own family and briefly visit with old friends.

I’m sure he’ll miss me too

Today is my last full day before departure, and I am taking a chance to knock out a few last-minute errands and ensure things are squared away before the flight tomorrow. I will miss everyone in the US and hope many of you who have been talking about coming over for a visit stop talking about plans and start talking about airfare!

Best wishes and safe travels,

– Ben

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